10 Top Brands of Beer – Quality and Distinctively Delicious Taste

Beer is drunk quite heavily across the globe. Whether the people are on parties, vacations, holidays, events, casual functions or at any occasion, beer seems to be a MUST thing there. There are a number of beer brands which are internationally renowned. You even find yourself confused as to which one to select. If you are quality conscious, you may read on the below list to find the top 10 beer brands of the world. Let’s explore the list.


BuschThis beer is made by LABATT. Alcohol level in this beer is around 4.7%. The type of this beer is Lager. It was launched way back in 1955. Busch Lager Beer carries much smoother and lighter taste which develops and glides on the drinker. It is called USA’s largest brand.


HeinekenHeineken is world renowned brand in beer making and the beer lovers are much familiar with this brand and would love to enjoy with this beer. The alcohol quantity in the beer is around 5%. The type is Lager. Heineken Beer is brewed in Holland. This unique and tasty flavor of this beer offers a refreshing European taste.

8-Lakeport Pilsener

Lakeport PilsenerThe brewer is LABATT and the alcohol quantity in this world famous beer is around 5%. The type of Lakeport Beer is Lager. It is a crisp, smoother and clean beer laced with a well-balanced hop character to glide well on the drinker. If you are the one who do not compromise on quality, Lakeport is the best choice.

7-Carling Lager

Carling LagerThe Brewer is MOLSON and this beer contains 4.9% alcohol quantity. The type of this beer is Lager. This Canadian barley malts beer carries the choicest aroma and bittering hops which produce finest, crispiest and the cleanest beer for the customers.


KeithsBrewer of this Beer is Keith Brewery and the beer contains around 5% of alcohol. The beer is brewed in Halifax and it has been working since 1820. The beer is light in color and gets hopped in tasty flavor. For the brewing, only the finest and the lightest barleys are used for the production. The beer carries the taste which grows on the drinker instantly.

5-Bud Light

Bud LightBud Light’s brewer is LABATT. The beer contains around 4% alcohol quantity. The type of this beer is light. It is brewed longer to develop a refreshingly brilliant drinking taste for the customers and for this blend of rice and malted barley are used. The taste is crispy and smoother.


BudweiserBrewer is LABATT and the beer contains 5% of alcohol in it. The type of this beer is Lager. It is called the world’s famous Budweiser Beer. This beer carries much smoother and flavored taste that grows on the drinkers and they simply love it.


BlueBrewer is LABATT. The beer contains 5% of alcohol quantity. It is called a quite refreshingly lager brewed. It is undoubtedly the quality beer with real authentic taste. The beer is produced with the finest hops and Canadian Barley malt.

2-Molson Canadian

Molson CanadianThe beer contains around 5% alcohol quantity. MOLSON is the brewer of this beer. Type of this beer is Lager. The beer is brewed by one of the oldest Canadian brewery company Molson Canadian. It carries rich Canadian taste that is sweet.

1-Coors Light

Coors LightCoors Light carries around 4 percent of alcohol quantity. Brewer is MOLSON and the type of the beer is light. The beer is brewed as per the higher quality standards of the Coors company that is based in the U.S. The beer carries distinctive taste which is smoother.

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