World’s Top expensive pizzas – See the list

The food lovers must love eating pizzas. Even the ones who are not much fond of eating food outside at eateries or hotels, etc, they too would love to grab the spicy and cheesy pizzas. Pizzas’ fan following in the entire world is simply mammoth. This is the reason that besides the big names like Pizza Hut and Domino’s, endless amount of big and small companies have entered into this field making delicious pizzas for the people who love grabbing them. Ok, what cost comes into your mind when you begin thinking of buying a pizza? It may be below $100 or between $100 to $200 or even many be $300 or so. Have you ever imagines that the pizzas could cost in thousands? If not, read on the article to learn the world’s most expensive pizzas.

5-$250 Pizza

pizzaWell, this higher priced pizza is sold at a Golden Ramsey Restaurant in London. It is sold at the price tag of $250. The pizza is made with Italian onion puree, buffalo mozzarella, white truffle pasta, pancetta, fontina cheese, cep mushrooms, fresh herbs and most importantly this pizza is shaved with white truffle shavings. Well these are the truffles which add more dollars to this pizza.

4-$1000 Pizza

$1000 Pizza$1000 pizza – well, listening this we start thinking of what this pizza would be? Would it be so much larger, etc? This is not the case. It is actually presented in same normal size. It is served in Manhattan in New York. The pizza is topped with two lobster tails and six types of caviar. This makes it super costly.

3-$4200 Pizza

4200 PizzaAt number three is the pizza which costs super duper higher i.e. $4200. Could you spend this bigger amount on a pizza to eat? Guess, absolutely not! But people, who have big money in pocket, spend on it. The pizza is named Pizza Royale 007 and it has been named after James Bond 007. The pizza is topped with the sprinkles of 24 carat gold dust, lobster (maintained in 100 years old cognac) and champagne-soaked caviar. It is sold in Glasgow at Domenico Crolla Restaurant.

2-$8200 Pizza

$8200 PizzaAt number second is none other than the world’s second costliest pizza which is sold at $8200. Would you ever go for buying this pizza? As far as I am concerned, I may not. What about you? Well, this pizza is not topped with the costliest ingredients. But then why it is super costly? This is because it comes with a diamond ring and a bottle of Dom Perignon. If you have a girlfriend who loves pizzas, pop up the question with this pizza. She would love it and surely will say ‘yes’ to you. It is sold in New York.

1-$12,000 Pizza

$12,000 PizzaThe world’s super costly and the top costliest pizza carries the price tag of $12000. What makes this pizza so much costly is because the making takes more than 72 hours since the dough is provided enough time to rest. The pizza is topped with 3 types cavier, bufala mozzarella, lobster from Norway and Cilento. Besides the pizza is dusted with the handpicked grains of pink Australian sea salt.

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