5 Coolest Movie Horses of All Time

Movie horses don’t always stand out, but when they do, it makes for something fantastic. Some people say that horses are boring, but in reality, TV and movie horses are pretty cool. Take a look at some of the best horses stars to date.

5-Artax From The Neverending Story

Artax From The Neverending StoryApart from the fact that The Neverending Story is an amazing movie itself, this horse, Artax, is one of the best companions to date. Horse and boy are as close as can be. Through an amazing quest, Artax has many adventures. The terrains that he goes through are also impressive. However, Artax’s death is also one of the most tragic. As he is swallowed by the Swamp of Sadness, it’s hard not to feel swallowed by sadness yourself. What’s another thing Artax has going for him? He is a magnificently beautiful horse.

4-Bullseye From Toy Story

Bullseye From Toy StoryAnother animated horse, Bullseye is one of the coolest horses around. One of the best things about this horse is his loyalty. He is not only Woody’s sidekick, he’s his best friend. Bullseye is silly, and friendly, and most importantly he is there for Woody when the cowboy needs his horse. Plus the looks he gives are downright funny.

3-Black Beauty From Black Beauty

Black Beauty From Black BeautyImage via Flickr by Bruce McKay Black Beauty is one of the most iconic horses of all time. For many, any stallion galloping without a western tack reminds them of this amazing story. In the movie, we are taken through Black Beauty’s life and the hardships he is forced through. As seen through the eyes of the horse, this movie is emotional. However, that emotional connection is part of what makes Black Beauty one of the most amazing silver screen horses of all time.

2-Seabiscuit From Seabiscuit

Seabiscuit From SeabiscuitImage via Flickr by Hotash Seabiscuit has been written off by many riders simply because of his fiery temper. However, one stable hand finds that he is a kindred spirit. The two work well together, and end up defying all expectations. During America’s Great Depression, Seabiscuit becomes the most famous horse around. Rider and horse won many races together, until disaster happened. I’ll leave it there, so that the ending isn’t spoiled for those who haven’t seen the movie.

1-Maximus From Tangled

Maximus From TangledIf you haven’t watched Tangled, you’ll want to watch it for the horse alone. Maximus is hilarious and has a personality that will have you falling off your seat with laughter. This is one horse you don’t want to piss off, that’s for sure. However, he has a soft spot, too. And a love for apples. Maximus doesn’t have any lines, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know what he’s thinking. He is probably the most expressive silent horse ever created. There are a lot of horses in movies, and tons of movies specifically about horses. However, they don’t all shine or stand out in the minds of viewers. Truly great movie horses make us feel something above and beyond a simple appreciation for the beauty of the creature.k

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