6 Points To Ensure Perfect Food For Kids Birthday Parties

Planning kidsparty is not as easy as it seems to be. Since balloons, presents and a cake is not enough to keep the children in a festive mood. Kids are fussy eaters, by taking part in different games and activities for extensive hours; they wish to have a appy mealbox packed with tempting selection of goodies. Fortunately, it doesn require breaking the bank as long as you have budget-friendly ideas to employ. Before you proceed to plan menu, it is highly recommended to contact the parents of each guest and make sure whether their child has any food allergies or not. Though, in most cases, they know what they are allergic and ask; there are some who only assume that whatever is served to them is fine. So, it always better to remain on the safe side when it comes to allergy triggers. Besides, it is beneficial to think small i.e. bite size everything. Make sure children can handle everything easily and will not leave the plate with two bites taken out. Here are few other tips to help you long in the kidsbirthday party catering:

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If you are also inviting moms and dads at your party, it nice if you add at least one item that they can enjoy. If you are serving pizza then there is no need to provide extra however if you have hotdog in your menu then you should also serve some sandwiches for them.


Food has played as the most supportive role to pull your party theme. Always tailor your presentation to the theme of the party. Children tend to enjoy it a lot. If you are having a Halloween party, you can serve punch in a hollowed out pumpkin or you can also serve chips in a cowboy hat, if you have arranged a cowboy party.


Regardless of the food, any items that look like something else have always been a hit especially in case of children. Try some food fun. For instance, cut hotdogs into strips and boil, they will take the shape of waves. You can add fun by serving them with the name of worms. You can also serve pizza with toppings by including different expressions, beasts, animals, etc.


Store bought food or making by own? It is essential to ponder how much time you take to prepare the food and how your cooking skills are. It not at all bad to buy store food if you want to have the arrangements in budget. In fact most of the children prefer to have store bought food over homemade. However, the food needs to have a long shelf life or can be frozen until the party end.


Offer a special treat to the birthday boy or girl but be sure to have a few suggestions. You can keep the rest of the menu simple with their ever favourite food items like hotdogs, pizza, sandwiches, nachos and chicken nuggets.


You should always choose your menu by considering the time of your party. For instance, if you are arranging a party before afternoon party then snacks will be acceptable, but if you are having a late afternoon party then pizza would be the most appropriate option.

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