Dogs grooming disasters

Dog grooming has turned out to be quite a craze, and over the last couple of decades some people have become somewhat obsessed with their pooch’s makeovers. There are new beauty and styling treatments coming out every day, but when is too much really too much? Now, there is nothing wrong with showing care for your dog’s appearance – grooming in most cases is good for the body and soul, but taking things to extremes can only result in one thing – a genuine, unadulterated dog grooming disaster! Every dog has its day alright, but this is not what these pooches had in mind when they were hoping to get the most of their day at the beauty salon!

1-First up – colour abuse!

morrPainting your poor four legged friend’s fur or hair in your national colours has been around for a while, though these days keen dog lovers are taking things to extremes. How about the rainbow poodle look – would that work for your doggy? Purple Monochrome PoodleNational PinkSome dog owners out there prefer the monochromatic colour scheme, it is just as striking for passers-by and just as ridiculous for the poor pup, here is one purplelicious example:

2-Next up – really bad hair/fur days!

Dog 8Fab hair – don’t care, is the law by which these extreme doggies live, though which laws do their owners abide, and if they do at all, is somewhat unclear. Here is a dog on the verge of a nervous breakdown, geez:

3-Lady Priscila Dog

dog 2Dog hairstyling is not all bad and ridiculous, there are also examples where the ‘do actually suits the poor doggy. However, the question of whether or not this should be done to a dog is a whole different matter. They say dogs end up looking like their owners, well no better depiction than this:

4-Music, Dogs and Popular Culture!

Dog 3The seventies are long gone, reggae and Bob Marely are enjoying a well-deserved eternal peace, but there is one dog that is still Rastafarian at heart and hair, here it is:

5-Punk Dog

Dog 4God bless the Queen, but even the Sex Pistols would raise an eyebrow over this punk-ed out pooch. Pink doesn’t seem to be its colour though, you can sort of see it in its big, sad, moist, fashion-disappointed eyes:

6-Pooches in Disguise!

Dog 5Spy games and espionage never really went out of fashion, though the Cold War may be over there are still undercover sleeper agents lurking in the shadows, or in your nearest dog grooming salon! Check this absolutely marvellous poodle makeover, how much beef jerky can you make from this prairie beast:

7-Bison Poodle:

dog 9Poodles seem to be copping the most when it comes to dog grooming disasters, but they don’t seem to mind (like to see them complain), anyway here is another undercover poodle agent that will bring a smile to your dial:

8-The Funny Ones…

Dog 6Messing around with your dog’s appearance is all good fun, but genetically modifying the pup so it looks like a cow?! Well, that’s just being creative perhaps. No, no, there are no gene mods here, but hopefully they aren’t trying to milk the poor thing every morning:

9-Bearded Dog

Dog 7Ye old sea wolfs out there will surely appreciate this bearded, sailor dog. He may not have Popeye’s forearms, but smokes pipe and eats its spinach three times a day – how do you think the beard got so big?

10-Therapy Needing Dog

Dog 10The final example shown below, illustrates what happens when things are taken to extremes – the moral: dogs shouldn’t mix alcohol and prescription drugs, and neither should their owners: In order not to subject your favourite four legged friend to such grooming hazards, you might want to search for an experienced pet groomer. For instance the San Antonio Dog Life is a great resource for finding the best Canine Coiffures out there.

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