Ever Imagined Toilets in Thousands of Dollars

Can you imagine a toilet worth millions of dollars? Well, you may imagine now since they exist in this world. When the world’s most expensive toilets come into mind, the beauty, elegance, most precious tiles and the world’s most precious and best sanitary come to hit the mind. But hold on, guys. There is nothing of this sort. These world’s most expensive toilets are not beautiful or attention-grabbing at all. Neither are they comfortable and beautiful nor they are the ones you can afford them. Then what they carry that they become the world’s most expensive toilets. For the answers you should go on and read the article completely. The world carries endless things to surprise you and you literally get surprised with them. Hopefully these most expensive toilets too would make you super surprised with their price tags. Seeing and reading about the price of the toilets, your eyes would open utterly with wonder and surprise. Let’s now check them.

5-Toto Neorest 600 – Price Tag: $5800

Toto Neorest 600Well, even this toilet costs $5800, but it is still not affordable for the average person and even many rich do not want to get it at their homes. The toilet is laced with few of the brilliant and attention-fetching features including heated seat, automatic hands-free lid opening and closing, automatic and self-cleansing system, automatic and remote hands-free flush, water conserving dual-flush mode, air purifier and warm air drier. This is really amazing one and appears to be valuable for the money consumed on buying it.

4-Dagobert Wooden Toilet Throne

Dagobert Wooden Toilet ThroneFollows next on the most expensive toilets of the world’s list is the one that carries the price tag of $14123. It is built utterly with ash woods and it has been decorated with hand painted designs which are inspired by Dagobett, who was the last ruler of the Merovingian dynasty of eighth century. It is said that this costliest toilet goes medieval on the user’s bottom. This wooden throne toilet is classy in every sense of the word. The moment the lid of the throne is raised, Le Bon Roi Dagobert music starts playing which really helps you come into ease and well-in-place position on the toilet. It is styled as medieval, this in true medieval style, you have to pull the chain of the flush.

3-Shanghai’s Moon River Art Park Toilet

Shanghai’s Moon River Art Park ToiletThis toilet always fetches the attention of the people who come to visit this park. And majority of the visitors come to the park to see and use this world’s most expensive toilet. Although there are many toilets in the park, but almost all the visitors wait for long to see and use this toilet. They even have to wait for hours and they happily do so. The toilet is inside a man-made cave and is surrounded by plants, trees and flowers. The people, who come to see this toilet, do not come with bigger expectations rather they come with curiosity as to how it looks like as bomb of money has been spent on the making.

2-3G Gold Washroom and Toilet

3G Gold Washroom and ToiletThis toilet, which is the world’s most expensive toilet with a price tag of $5,800, 000, is not for public’s use at all. The toilet is located in the Hall of Gold in Hong Kong. It was built by country’s leading company Hang Fung Gold Technology Group in 2001. This toilet is also called ‘World’s Most Expensive Gold and Jewelry Sparkling Environmental Friendly Washroom’. The washroom is made with 24 carat gold.

1-Russian Toilet System for NASA

Russian Toilet System for NASAThe top notch one and the world’s top most expensive toilet is Russian Toilet System for NASA that carries the price tag of $19,000,000. It is reportedly installed on American side of international space station. Since earlier American used the same toilet on the side of Russian space station, now the latest one is being used on American side. The toilet is swathed with the leg braces which are helpful for the astronauts’ position while they are busy with their work. There are plenty of other special features as well.

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