Few richest pets ever lived

Everybody loves their pets, it is difficult not to because they become a part and parcel of our lives and family. It is a very common thing for people to give their pets as much as they would take themselves. Requirements for these well loved lucky ones are fulfilled keeping no heed to the dollar. The extent to which people go to keep their pets happy is at its peak when some of these pets have more money than a lot of people combined together. It has happened since a long time in history those pets have been glorified just as much as some of their masters, in the modern day, people leave entire properties to their pets. Here’s a look at some of the Richest Pets in the world.

10. Beryl Reid’s Cat:

The cats that belonged to British comedienne and actress inherited the estate which was valued in the markets at around 1.8 million USD. The cats that were taken care of by a good friend of the actress and they all lived together. The four cats were kept in the highest imaginable luxuries even after the actress passed away.

9. Tinker the Cat:

A pet cat that gradually adopted by Margret Layne as it kept visiting her time and again was left most of what she owned. The house and the trust fund made the cat Tinker, a millionaire. The cat inherited the fortune in 2005 and this also strangely annoyed many people who were jealous of the fact that a cat could have so much money; Tinker was moved to a secured house and well taken care of.

8. Trouble Helmsley:

Trouble Helmsley is the name of a dog that was given the surname of its owner and a 12 million dollar bonus at the same time. The case of the dog gained even more attention when the courts declared that the owner Leona Helmsley was in fact mentally disturbed. The dog has lawyers that have defended the case for the dog to retain the fortune against it going to her two grandchildren.

7. Blackie the Cat:

Owned by British man Ben Rea, he left his cat his worth of around 13million USD. The strange thing about it is that he did not leave any of his inheritance to his relatives. The cat lived a life of luxury and spent money helping other less fortunate cats through different cat charities that have become quite a trend with many rich owners of pets.

6. Oprah’s Dogs:

Oprah Winfrey is a well known dog lover. She has made her love for her dogs well known to the world and she recently lost one of her dogs. This led her to declare that her entire fortune, estimated at around 30million USD will go to the dogs. Knowing the number of dogs she has, the amount will be split up but how bad could it get with 30 million dollars.

5. The Poodle Toby Rimes:

Toby is a descended heir to a fortune, the ancestor of the dog Ella Wendel had inherited a hug fortune in 1931 from her owner. Apparently the money was well used by the dogs and the family of the dogs as the current estimates for the worth of the dog is more than 90 million dollars.

4. Gigoo the Hen:

The fate that we have in store most chicken is different from what Gigoo the Hen has. After the wife of millionaire Miles Blackwell died, he gave around 10 million pounds to the hen that they owned. A lone member of this exclusive list, Gigoo has the best of what a chicken could ever ask for especially keeping in mind the usual way.

3. Keiko the killer Whale:

Keiko is a unique animal in many ways. The killer whale from Free Willy fame has earned his money instead of inheriting it. He was picked up from a simple theme park and ahs never since looked back.  The estimated fortune that he owns is around 23 million pounds sterling. Wonder if one could get an autograph from this movie star.

2. Kalu:

Kalu is undoubtedly the richest chimp on the planet with a fortune in excess of 80 million dollars. She was left this fortune by Aussie Olympic swimmer Frank O’ Neil. The owner had been quoted as saying that they both had a great relationship which also included a lot of fun with each other. The owner also said that Kalu would regularly steal away beer and cigarettes sometimes, well now she can buy everything she ever wanted and more.

1. Gunther the Fourth:

Gunther is the richest pet in the world with a whopping 400 million almost to his name. He comes in line to his father who had inherited the fortune from a German Countess. His wealth keeps growing as he has properly invested in trust funds and other ways to increase his income. He owns a lot of things which includes a villa too.


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