Top 10 Business Success Stories

Business is one of the core pillars that drive the world economy. It is a field that is both risky and safe depending on your luck. It needs motivation to be able to start a business and overcome all the challenges that face business persons. If you want inspiration in business starting, here are top 10 business success stories. They may not be for you only but also for your hmrc tax credits also. Here are top 10 business success stories for those who want encouragement. Continue reading…

10-Walt Disney


You may have heard of Disney brand somewhere or even heard someone mention it. It was started by Walt Disney back in 1901 in Chicago. His journey began very humbly in Kansas City where he worked as cartoon advertiser. Later a brother named Roy joined him and they started a studio with is credited with making the rabbit cartoon character named Oswald. The end of this character paved way to the famous Mickey Mouse cartoon. This gave Disney so much fame in filming industry. He went ahead to win an award to his efforts and contribution in the year 1932. More characters came under Walt’s name. Today you even watch Mickey Mouse cartoon series.

9-Bill Gates

Bill GatesHe was the CEO of the renowned Microsoft Company and he is still a big name in the software industry. He has the largest individual share holding in the company. This is the reason he was named the richest person between 1995 and 2009 with only 2008 as the only exception. His great business story begins when he co-authored Altair Basics. Bill Gates has been a business role model to millions of young entrepreneurs.

8-Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet

This is name that dethroned Bill Gates from the wealthiest man seat in 2008. He bought his first shares when he was only 11 years. He went ahead to invest in his father’s assets while still in school. This humble beginning led Warren to becoming very success in both industrialization and philanthropy.

7-Jeff Bezos

Jeff BezosThis is the founder of back in 1994. He grew over the time and became the CEO of this company and today he stands as the big single shareholder at 20% of the total equity. Under his name again, he founded Blue Origin (human spaceflight company).

6-Henry Ford

Henry FordThis is the name behind Ford Motor Company. This is the company that is widely known for making cars suited for the middle class in both buying and fuel consumption. The most popular cars are made by this company and you may be driving one.

5-Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh AmbaniMukesh is an Indian entrepreneur and the top figure in Reliance Industries Limited. His company is the largest in the private sector and has a worldwide reach. Ambani’s efforts have seen him win a number of accolades and he is among the top Asian business persons.

4-Lawrence Page $ Sergey Brin

Lawrence Page $ Sergey Brin These are computer scientists and the founders of Google search engine. Google is the revolution behind internet search engines and browsing due to its easy use and application This two men can make to any top ten rich persons in any country or even the world.

3-Mark Zuckerberg

Mark ZuckerbergThe social network is not what it is without the brains of this man. Alongside friends and classmates, Mark created the most popular social site, Facebook. This site has won both fame and money for Mark who is the youngest billionaire of this era.

2-Farrhad Acidwalla

Farrhad AcidwallaFarrhad takes us back to India where he started his journey to success at the age of 12 years. The first of his activity was the creation of an aviation website. At the age of 17, he was among the richest young entrepreneurs with a number of ventures attached to their names.

1-Adora Svitak

Adora SvitakIf you thought only men make it business, this lady shall prove you wrong. Adora started her writing career when she was only six years. At ten she was writing for blogs and online journals. As at now, she has authored numerous books and you might have read a copy. She has also played a crucial role in promoting literacy to all.

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