Top 10 Failed McDonald’s Products

McDonald’s periodically tried its best to stay on top of the game and introduced new menu items for the purpose. But all of these newly added items couldn’t bring popularity required by this largest fast food chain in the world. Only few could become a great success for the management but others badly failed and couldn’t attract customer’s interest. Some of them failed even well-before they launched. Below list is about top 10 failed McDonald’s products.

10-McGratin Croquette

McGratin Croquette was the only product ever introduced by McDonald’s to focus the Japanese market specifically. But the company once again proved its newly offered menu item a great failure. There were shrimp, fried macaroni and mashed potato in this specially created menu item. The Japanese customers couldn’t find it a tasty product according to their needs and thus resulted in a 10 th top-rated menu item in top 10 failed McDonald’s products.


CEO Ray Kroc didn’t like selling hot dogs in 1977 and prohibited his company to do so, regardless of the fact that the product was in high-demand at that time. Actually hot dogs were totally unhygienic to him. But then in 1990s, some of the Midwestern stores offered hot dogs on behalf of McDonald’s and the circle of this product spread to many locations till 2001. But unfortunately, the product was a big failure for McDonald’s.

8-Arch Deluxe

McDonald’s started Arch Deluxe menu item in 1996 just because the fast food chain wanted to expand its image. People saw some kids grimacing in disgust at the latest product of McDonald’s, which was named as the Arch Deluxe. But the product didn’t attract adults as they considered it the sheer disgust of kids. Though some new advertising approaches were tried by the company to grab attention of adult customers but failed again.


McPizza was another low demanded menu item that secures its place at No. 6 in top 10 failed McDonald’s products. McDonald’s introduced McPizza as their option to take in the dinner because there was a Big Mac to take in the lunch and an Egg McMuffin to take in the breakfast. They introduced it in 1980s to build their dinner menu. Unfortunately, the long wait time to get McPizza irritated the regular customers and product got failed.


McDLT was another top-rated failed menu item introduced by McDonald. Unfortunately, the fast food chain once again couldn’t deliver their point of view in proper manner and customers didn’t like this offer. It was a kind of do it yourself product as you construct your large burger yourself which definitely wouldn’t be liked by many. No one wanted to do it because there was a Big Mac easily available for the same price.


The pasta-based menu item was started testing by McDonald’s in September 1991 in Rochester, N.Y. at around 40 of its units, including spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo and lasagna. Initially they had tested pasta in 1989 in the South. A New Dinner Menu was added and tested by McDonald’s in 1990s that continued for 6 to 12 months at different locations in Tennessee and New York. The low demand eventually proved it a failed product introduced by the company.

4-The Hula Burger

The hula burger was created by McDonald’s in 1963. A slice of pineapple was used in this product just to replace the most important element in a burger i.e. meat. No surprise if the hula burger was a big failure because it couldn’t attract majority of their regular customers. Though Ray Kroc had had high hopes with this menu item being his very first non-meat item in the list.


McAfrica is at No. 3 in top 10 failed McDonald’s products list. It was the worst ever product introduced by any fast food chain in African continent. The release and the marketing strategy adopted by McDonald’s for McAfrica burger was the worst in this list. The poor flavor was not the only problem with this McDonald’s product, but the advertising timing was also very bad.


Most of you probably will not believe the fact that this largest fast food chain once attempted to go for a new menu item i.e. lobster. They named it McLobster which was mainly started to serve the masses. The average McDonald’s consumer couldn’t find this deal as an attractive one because it was really expensive for the things it offered and was somewhat alien food. It didn’t take much time to get disappeared from the list.

1-McLean Deluxe

The major problem of this McDonald’s product was the inclusion of Diet Coke / Coke Zero in this burger deal and the second major problem was obviously its taste. It was introduced by McDonald’s as the great taste product with low fat, but actually it wasn’t. They used extra water to replace water in this product and then it was mixed with carrageenan just to keep water in the meat. It really made a burger with awful taste in the end and failed dismally.

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