Top 10 Most Famous Expensive Watches of All Times

Watch is not only a symbol of time but also a symbol of style and elegance since it adds values and sparkles to one’s personality. In today’s time where the necessity of a watch seems to be fading away due to the heavy use of cellular phones and electronic gadgets which also lets you see the time, the importance of watch still exists. Even there is a certain class of people who love wearing the watches. Besides there are people who would love to adorn their wrists with the most expensive watches to add style to their personality. Watches are available with various price tags in the market from ordinary to the most expensive. Let’s check out the list of the top 10 famous expensive watches.

10-Blancpain Grande Complication

This features a traditional art look to entice the souls and it is great for the ones who love traditional things. The most interesting feature of the watch is that it carries 1735 caliber self winding which gives you the power reservoir of 80 hours or so. The plates and the bridges of the watch are designed using 18 karat of gold. There are number of other features as well which allure the souls.

9-Louis Moinet Magistralis

With a whopping price tag of $860,000, Louis Moinet Magistralis possesses the features such as perpetual calendar and mono pusher chronograph. Besides it also carries moon phase carrying Dhofar 459 lunar meteorite.

8-Hublot Black Caviar Bang

With 18 karat white gold to adorn the watch, it carries much precious diamonds in hundreds on it designed and placed with élan. The black diamonds add further sparkles to this super costly watch.

7-The Chopard Super Ice Cube

Swathed with 60 karat diamonds, this watch is a real finding and innovation by Swiss watch company. On the top, the watch carries 18 karat white gold bracelet which is placed with the baguette diamonds. It is full water resistant and can easily resist water up to 100 feet. This brilliant timepiece is also scratch resistant.

6-Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

It is called the most complicated watch ever. The first one with double face wrist watch features the luminous full presentation of night-time sky on its back. Having a spacious mechanism, the watch presents a great display.

5-Vacheron Constatin Tour de I’lle

This glossy double faced watch is a masterpiece in itself and features perpetual calendar, minute repeater, second time zone and sunset time plus other astonishing features as well. Laced with 18-karat gold, it is laced with Sapphire glass.

4-Patek Phillipe’s Supercomplication

Well, this one is called the most expensive sophisticated wrist watch. It turned out to be the most expensive one when it was auctioned in Hong Kong at $1.49 million four years back in 2008. . It is made by a renowned Swiss watch company. Reportedly only two watches are manufactured every year – one is platinum gold and other in rose gold.

3-Patek Philippe Platinum World Time

This one is really amazing, stylish, brilliantly designed and classy since it shows the world’s timings with 24 different time zones and all in one single glance. The coupling system integrated into the watch lets the user switch to various time zones without the need to reset the movement. It is available in the market in 18 karat white, yellow, rose or platinum gold. Choice is yours.

2-Patek Philippe’s Supercomplication

This watch carries the price tag of colossal amount $11 million and ofcourse you would be really astonished to learn about the big money this watch is offered at. Well, it is such costly because it took giant 4 years on production of single watch. It was made in 1932 with 18 karat gold. It is a stylish and well designed pocket watch.

1-201 Karat Chopard

With a price tag of the mammoth and whopping figure of $25 million, Chopard is adorned with 201 karats of diamonds. It is called the world’s most expensive watch ever. 201 karats of diamonds decorated on the watch have proportion in manner such as 12 karats of blue diamonds, 15 karats of pink diamonds and 11 karats of white diamonds. The remaining 163 karats of diamonds include white and yellow diamonds placed in eye catchy style on the watch.

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