Top 10 Most Unusual Websites

The Internet has approximately 633 million website available for your viewing pleasure. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the web. The words “strange” and “unusual” have different meanings for different people; however, these 10 websites are among some of the strangest and most unusual ones in existence.

10-Computer Power Test

computer power testIn case you ever question whether or not your computer is powered on or off, you can visit for the answer. The first and only page on this website has the words “off” and “on” and the one highlighted in green is the answer to your question. This website was created by the people at as a creative way to drive traffic to their site. Try it out if the power of your computer is in question. If it shows your computer is off (which it clearly isn’t), then there’s probably a major problem with your connection, and you may want to consider other satellite internet options.

9-Billion World

October 31, 2011 is a monumental day in the history of this world. On this day, the total population on earth hit 7 billion people. is a website geared towards visually showing those 7 billion people as they lived, worked and breathed on that day. There are five different colored stick figures, each representing a different color of the Olympic ring. Check out to see the world united as a whole and for more information.

8-Snap Bubbles

Snap BubblesRemember when you were a kid and one of the best things about opening packages in the mail was popping the bubble wrap? Well, now there’s no need to have things shipped to your house to just get that popping fix. has made it possible for you to sit and pop endless amounts of bubble wrap. And the best part about it? This site will keep track of how many you’ve popped.


If you’re the type of person that loves redundant and unusual things, Zombo is the perfect website for you. This website was created in 1999, when Flash was first introduced to the World Wide Web. It consists of a colorful title and 7 colored dots that flash continuously, making seem as if they’re spinning and loading something. In the background you here an “introduction” being played that continuously loops. Does anything ever load? You’ll have to visit to find out.

6-Despair, Inc.

Despair, Inc.“Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt you.” Keep that in mind when browsing around This site is all about bringing people down and making money doing it. They have funny “demotivational” phrases to lighten the mood and make fun of people’s harsh realities. They describes themselves as being “[The] Creators of Demotivators® and other revolutionary tools for pessimists, underachievers and the chronically unsuccessful.”

5-Emergency Compliment

After you’ve spent time bringing yourself down at, you can hop over to and bring yourself back up. This site will give you as many unbiased compliments as you need to brighten your day. If you still feel crappy, you can tell the site and it will compliment you again. Once you feel better, you tell them so and the site will direct you to a copy of the image, so you can share with your friends to brighten their day too.

4-The Onion

The OnionWhile you probably know this site, it’s still one of the weirdest on the web. The news is always being said to be boring and depressing, so made it their mission to change that. They’re a self-proclaimed American news satire organization promising to poke fun at our news. The Onion is laid out like a news website, and its tone is similar to what you’d expect from real news reporting sites such as The Associated Press. They exaggerate the mundane and make the unworthy news worthy.

3-Pointer Pointer

If you find yourself bored and in need of wasting some time, is a great site for you. It features a bunch of pictures of people pointing at the pointer on your computer screen. Move the pointer somewhere else, and a new picture appears of someone else pointing at your pointer. Take caution though, this website can be very addictive.

2-Crazy Thoughts

Can crop circles be square, or do you yawn in your sleep? These are some of the serious questions people are pondering at The website simply has a giant list of some of the “unexplainable” questions this life has to offer. If you have any crazy questions you’d like to ask, pop over to and share them with the world


Gifs are increasingly becoming more popular around the Internet. is a host website for pictures and gifs to be borrowed and shared throughout the world. You can find as many hilariously awkward and unusual images that you could possibly need to make friends and family laugh at this website. The Internet is a huge place, with billions of users. There are so many strange and interesting things out there, it’s almost impossible to not stumble onto strange sites once in a while. Take the challenge today and see if you can find an unusual site to share with others.

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