Top 10 Richest Rappers in the World 2015

Modern day rappers are easily making 10-figure fortunes, which obvious means that rap music is in as much demand as any other music genre. Ever since 2007, Sean “Diddy” Combs has been leading the way, whenever it comes to a list of the richest rappers in the world, and with a net worth of $170 Million, he once again comes out on top. Along with P. Diddy himself, below is a list of nine other rappers who are collectively the wealthiest amongst their rapping brethren.

 10. Ice Cube (Net Worth: $120 Million)

Ice Cube
Ice Cube is more of a hip hop artist than a rapper, while he is also pretty good at acting, especially when it comes to comedy films like, “Are We There Yet?” At one point, MTV even listed him amongst the 10 Greatest MCs of All Time, and he is even considered the greatest MC of all time by his fellow rapper, Snoop Dog, who is also on this list.

9. Snoop Dogg (Net Worth: $135 Million)

Snoop Dogg is as wealthy as the next rapper on this list, i.e. Lil Wayne. When it comes to his rap music, his style has always been as laid-back his other fellow rappers from the West Coast, such as Ice Cube and Ice-T. Moreover, Snoop Dogg has been producing rap music since the 90s and somewhat of an expert when it comes to gangsta rap, and in 2014 alone, he held over 70 concerts.

8. Lil Wayne (Net Worth: $135 Million)

Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, Jr., is much lower on this list than his older brother, Jay-Z, but he is still one of the richest rappers at the moment. Lil Wayne’s roots can be traced back to hardcore hip hop, but over the years, his rap music has evolved since he himself has matured. He is even a self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” and he certainly has enough wealth to back it up.

7. 50 Cent (Net Worth: $140 Million)

50 Cent’s roughly $140 continues to increase as of this year, and his name happens to be one that frequently comes up in discussions about rap music. ALong with being a rapper, he is also a savvy businessman, which is the reason he is one of the world’s wealthiest rappers. A mansion that 50 Cent currently owns formerly belonged to Mike Tyson. According to 50 Cent himself, he could end up becoming a billionaire in the next ten years or so.

6. Eminem ($170 Million)

Eminem may not be at the top of this list, but he is certainly one of the world’s most renowned rappers. In fact, he was the first white rapper of modern times to have earned prominent respect and having made record-breaking sales. It must be noted that it was Dr. Dre who noticed Eminem when he released The Slim Shady EP in 1997.

5. Birdman (Net Worth: $170 Million)

Something that distinguishes Birdman from many of his fellow rappers is the fact that he is utilizes approximate $170 million wealth for philanthropic purposes as well. He earned $15 between 2010 and 2011, which is why Forbes listed him amongst the 2011 Cash Kings. Birdman co-founded Cash Money Records with his brother Slim and today, he is the CEO of the label.

4. Master P (Net Worth: $350 Million)

Master P, whose real name is Percy Robert Miller, has an approximate $350 million net worth, which is a result of his entertainment, entrepreneurship, investing and rapping ventures. Master P managed to relaunch his No Limit record label, despite the fact that it had to be shut down as a result of various lawsuits, and at one point Master P even went bankrupt, which caused his once $600 net worth to drop.

3. Jay-Z (Net Worth: $550 Million)

Apart from being a highly successful rapper, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has also achieve tremendous success in business and even acts occasionally, which is the reason his current net worth is over $550. Even though Jay-Z briefly retired from making music, he is currently operating a major record label and is the leading New York City-based rapper. He formerly owned the Rocawear clothing label and earned $150 million in 2007 by signing up with Live Nation.

2. Dr. Dre (Net Worth: $650 Million)

Andre “Dr. Dre” Young is not merely a rapper, but a superproducer as well. Apart from his Aftermath record label, his Beats headphone and HP laptop line have also contributed to his wealth. Back in 2011, Dr. Dre ended up earning $135 million as a result of selling half of the shares of his headphone company to HTC. He is the leading rapper closest to being a Billionaire.

1. Sean Combs (Net Worth: $700 Million)

Sean Combs
Sean Combs, better known as “P. Diddy,” or just “Diddy,” has managed to amass approximately $700 million not only through rapping, but acting, entrepreneurship and record producing. It was back in 1993 when Diddy founded Bad Boys Records, and the late “The Notorious B.I.G” was once his partner. Diddy also owns two clothing lines by the name of Enyc and Sean John, while he formerly owned two restaurants too.

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