Top 5 Amazing Animal Dads!

Here’s a countdown in honor of all Dads and soon-to-be fathers out there, a list of the top 5 amazing animal dads who play their role very well and even go way beyond a father’s affection. To all wives and moms, you are bound to fall in love with these awesome creatures!

5. Marmoset


Responsible and dutiful as they are, these Marmoset dads take over and remain in charge for babysitting soon after the birth of their babies. Kids jump on board daddy day care, not only during the day but throughout the night too! They care for their infants by grooming and licking them, and the babies can even hop on a piggyback ride for a fun tour of the place.

4. Oreophryne frog


The female frog gives birth to a clutch of mucus which would be up to their partner to carry around and ensure safety. This one of a kind frog dad handles their babies carefully, cuddling and giving utmost care to prevent them from drying out. Daddy frog also embraces and protects them from insects that may pose danger and harm.

3. Golden Jackal


This animal is a native of India. They are highly skilled scavengers and hunts around three time more effectively when they go in pairs. The males are exceptional since they are very loyal mates, once they do, it is for life! Daddy Jackals dig burrows for their female partners for giving birth safely, protecting both wife and babies. In preparation for the emergence of their young, these dads regurgitate food to feed them, an essential step for their survival.

2. Emperor Penguin


This countdown’s second best dad is the much deserving male species of the emperor penguin. Freezing cold as it is in the Antarctic, if a penguin egg touch the icy floors, the chick has the highest possibility of never hatching at all, depriving it of its priceless life in this planet. This is why daddy penguin would hold the fragile egg on top of his feet then safekeep them under its belly. This he continuously does for two months, a truly astounding endurance, and without even daring to eat! To top it all off, once their chick hatches, they selflessly provide their baby’s first meal in the form of a substance we can say similar to breast milk until mom penguin comes to start feeding their offspring solids.

1. Seahorse


Reaching the final, topmost amazing animal dad, is the seahorse. This unique fish is unbeatable! Why? The beginning of the mating process is a dancing courtship which involves the female laying eggs inside the male. Seahorse dads are the ones who would actually get pregnant and give birth, and not only to one, but 100 to 200 babies called fry. Now, that is one tough dad.

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