Top Ten Famous Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors in the World

Ice cream is among those few items that are always loved to eat by people from any age group. It is equally famous in all regions of the world and you can never decide which age group is the greatest fan of this food item. This is truly among very few universally liked foods in the world. There are a lot of flavors that are famous in different regions because of their tastes or names, but we are sharing some weirdest ice cream flavors we collected from around the world.

10-Garlic Ice Cream

Though the list of weirdest ice cream flavors is very long and we can list more than 100 in this category. But we end up our list with the inclusion of Garlic Ice Cream flavor at No. 10. You will be amazed reading garlic as the main ingredient of an ice cream flavor? This could be your next summer delight, but it may be nasty for a few ice cream lovers around the world. Believe me it is prepared perfectly to give you an amazingly unique taste. So give it a try.

9-Pizza Ice Cream

Pizza Ice Cream

Though Pizza Ice Cream is very famous in England but it is also eaten frequently by the ice cream lovers in United States. It is the specialty of Max & Mina’s Homemade Ice Cream shop. This unique ice cream flavor includes the Becker brother’s pizza as its ingredient to bring a really different taste for the customers. This weirdest ice cream flavor also includes mozzarella, garlic and fresh tomato. Can you believe that?

8-Octopus Ice Cream

Octopus Ice Cream

Octopus is literally very famous seafood in some Eastern Asian countries including Japan, North and South Korea. There are many who find it very difficult when they attempt eating an octopus but now everyone can enjoy this seafood as the part of an ice cream flavor. This is truly an amazing use of the octopus which is uniqueness of Japanese people. Just give it a try and it is just an ice cream you eat in any ice cream parlor across the globe, but with an octopus flavor.

7-Smoked Salmon Ice Cream

Smoked Salmon Ice Cream

All the ice cream flavors prepared and offered in Flushing, Queens, England at the Max & Mina’s Homemade Ice Cream but the one named as “Smokes Salmon Ice Cream” is literally on top. This unusual creation of the ice cream shop is equally famous among people along with other flavors like chocolate-covered potato-chip fudge and beer ice cream. It was started creating after a customer suggestion and now have become their specialty.

6-Fish Ice Cream

Fish Ice Cream

Fish in ice cream! That’s really tricky. Well, if you are living in Japan then anything can be the part of your ice cream flavor particularly a fish, because Japanese love eating fishes frequently. It is prepared with saury (a saltwater fish) which is popularly eaten across the nation. This ice cream flavor is the specialty of Kimura Shoten. The interesting part is you will not find any fishy smell in your ice cream because some liberal doses of brandy are added to wash out this smell.

5-Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon Ice Cream

Though people eating bacon after frying them properly, but what if you can eat candied bacon as a prominent, main part of an ice cream flavor? Well, Bacon Ice Cream is an equally famous ice cream flavor in London, England. This 5th top-rated ice cream flavor is prepared by David Lebovitz, a notable American cook and baker in London. He uses brown sugar to make candied strips of bacon.

4-Sardines & Brandy Ice Cream

Sardines & Brandy Ice Cream

Sardines & Brandy Ice Cream is at No. 4 in our list. Can you believe sardines as the prominent part of an ice cream flavor? Well, what can I say about that? Well, there are a lot of weirdest ice cream flavors that can be easily found in Japan and Sardines & Brandy Ice Cream flavor is among one of those. Since fish is widely eaten by Japanese across the nation throughout the year, therefore its inclusion in ice cream should not be an amazing thing for many.

3-Coronation Chicken Ice Cream

Coronation Chicken Ice Cream

Have you ever heard of chicken as ingredient of an ice cream flavor? Well, coronation chicken ice cream is really a very unique and yet very tasty ice cream flavor in the world which is available to eat by everyone in London, England. It is created mainly with coronation and chicken as its prominent ingredients. Initially it was created for the first time during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the England’s Queen.

2-Spaghetti and Cheese Ice Cream

Spaghetti and Cheese Ice Cream

Spaghetti and Cheese Ice Cream flavor is the second weirdest flavor in our list. This is actually a cheese flavored ice cream which is prepared after grounding it u with spaghetti pieces. It is widely loved and ate by people in United States. You will find it really tasty and quite nice in its look. I must suggest you give it a try and decide for yourself.

1-Breast Milk Ice Cream

Breast Milk Ice Cream

This is the weirdest ice cream flavor which is very famous across United Kingdom (Britain). When the breast milk ice cream flavor was started in “The Icecreamists”, London it caused a stir all over the world. This top-rated ice cream flavor is actually prepared with freshly-expressed real break milk of different women. This breast milk is collected as a donation from several public members of the shop which is then blended with lemon zest and vanilla pods.

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