Top Ten Social Media Websites

Well let’s skip the introduction and start right from the list of the most popular social website.


facebookFacebook is the world’s largest social website that was built to connect friends. It has a lot of functions and tones of applications from games to business tools that everyone can use. Millions of people share things they love, fillings they have and photos they make via Facebook. They comment on them a re-share them for others to see. Facebook too has an option to advertise your business.


TwitterTwitter is a platform for micro-blogging. It allows you to write and share short messages in a flesh of a moment. These messages can include pictures. Like with Facebook, all your updates will go to you followers who can interact with them and with you my means of @mention. Marketers can use sponsored tweets to promote the brand or company.


LinkedinLinkedIn is Facebook for people who are seeking for professional networking. LinkedIn is job-focused. You can either post a job opportunity or find a job here pretty easily. There tones of options related to jobs and job experience like skill endorsement and others. LinkedIn allows you to advertise your LinkedIn Page or any page of your website with an ad that contains an image and some text.

4-Google Plus

google plusGoogle Plus is one of the fastest growing social networks. Google automatically connected every Gmail user to its social platform in order to grow the audience as fast as possible. This platform is good for both: marketing your offer and social connections, since it offers lots of options for sharing, connection and engagement.


pintrustPinterest is a rather new, but really fast growing network. If you are selling something that is visually attractive, like T-shirts, dresses or hats, then creating a profile there is a must. Pinterest has a very user-friendly layout and options to create boards (categories) and pin images and links to it; comment on others’ pins and re-share them.


tumberTumblr is another social platform for blogging. You can create several blogs within one account and update them all. They are too connected with other blogs of the platform with harshtags to make conversation easier. You can comment on post, re-share them and create your own content in few clicks.


instragramInstagram is another social network website that has gained millions of users in the past few years with the rise of smartphones that allow make quality photos and share them immediately. Instagram is Twitter with only difference that photos are instead of text messages.


myspaceMySpace is a rather old social website that got together millions of music lovers all over the world. Every music band or singer should have an account there, since it is very easy to share music and photos there.


vkVK (former Vkontakte) is a social network that is very much like Facebook in regards to menus, functions and even design that is owned by Russian. If you want to find a friend in Russia or Eastern Europe that should have an account there. Advertising there make sense only if you prospects are located in that area.


livejournalLivejournal is another blogging platform with huge history. This service is for real fans of traditional blogging. There are many famous journalists and artists who have account there that attracts many other users as well. About the author: this article was provided by, company that provides content writing services, including blog articles writing and publishing. If you are interested in blogging services, then follow the link bellow. Learn more:

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