World 10 Most Expensive Toys

Toys, when the name hits the mind, there arrives a thought that they must be within someone’s budget. And yes, the thought is correct. You can buy the toys for your kids in your budget. There are even expensive as well, which too are within your reach in some way or the other. But have you ever thought that the toys could be super expensive which you hardly can buy for your kid? Well, there are certain toys which are supremely expensive. Let’s check out the list of the top 10 most expensive toys in the market.

10-Matchbox Car

Matchbox CarMatchbox Car is the most expensive car that is a sea green sedan = the 1966 Opel Diplomat. This one is the original Matchbox Car. They are offered for your to grab but for this you have to be in a position to buy it since this is really expensive. This is beyond your budget as a toy. The car is offered for sale at $9,000.


BarbieThis Diamond Barbie is another most expensive toy in the market. It is co-designed by De Beers and comes up with a stunning gown that carries 160 diamonds and white gold miniature jewelry that endows the Barbie with heart-hitting look. The Barbie is priced at $8,000 but if you go with full-figured price tag, it is sold at $85,000.

8-Toy Gun

Toy GunThis is an American 6mm Mini-Gun for Airsoft. This is really interesting and classy as it can chew the little bits of thick reinforced glass. This is laced with 3000 round magazines. This comes up with accessories and is priced at $9,000.

7-Toy Sewing Machine

Toy Sewing MachineThis one is perhaps the most expensive sewing machine toy. This is swathed with a clown. It is said that the toy machine received the biggest bid of $13,600 by an Englishman. Well, the toy is undoubtedly the most expensive one. Would you ever gift it to your kid?

6-Teddy Bear

Teddy BearTeddy Bears are simply loved by the kids and even the adults. People are crazy for them and they are sold like hot cakes. Their demand is much higher in the world. For the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the toy, a German company churned out 125 limited edition of Teddy Bears. The price tag for the same is around $43,000.

5-Toy Soldier

Toy SoldierThis one is the most expensive toy soldier. This was created by Don Levine and as a 1963 G.I. Joe prototype. During an auction, this soldier toy was sold to a businessman from Baltimore for $200,000 on 7th August, 2003. The measurement of the soldier is 11 ½ inches tall and it has around 21 moveable parts.

4-Ride-On Toy

Ride-On ToyRide-On Toy is another super expensive one for your kids. This one is for those whose age group is between 7 and 15. The Off-Roader is priced at $40,000. It features dual hydraulic disk brakes, all weather fiberglass body laced with a protective frame, manual emergency brake, rack and pinion steering, front and rear suspension, full front and rear suspension, radio and CD player with speakers placed on the side doors and many more.

3-PEZ Dispenser

PEZ DispenserThis one – 1982 World’s Fair Astronaut B PEZ Dispenser is another great one. Two were made – one with a white helmet and other with green stem. They were sent for auction on eBay and the winning bid for the dispenser was $32,205.00 USD.

2-Hand-Held Video Game

Hand-Held Video GameThis Hand-Held Video Game is superlatively costly. This game called ‘Gameboy’ is made of around 18 carat gold and the display of the game is laced with the costliest diamonds. The game has been created by Aspreys of London and you can buy this fabulous game at $25,000.

1-Star Wars Movie Prop

Star Wars Movie PropThe Star War Movie Prop is the most expensive of the entire top 10 list. The Darth Vader fighting helmet is priced at $115,000.

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